Donald Sosin workshop

Workshop participants create their own scores using computer technology, instruments and voice. Excellent curricula tie-ins: history, art, languages, media.

Requirements: room or theater with screen, projector (DVD, 16mm or 35mm). Two vocal mics and amplification. Piano optional: they can bring all musical equipment if necessary.

Appropriate Audience: children, adults or mixed groups

Performance: 45 minutes to two hours. Workshops: From 45 minute sessions to all-day session

Previous Workshops:

Telluride Film Festival/Telluride High School
Le Moyne College, Syracuse
Westminster College, Salt Lake City (teachers’ workshop)
The Music Studio, Albany
Denver Silent Film Festival,(U. Colorado Denver)
Music Teachers Association of California conference/San Francisco Silent Film Festival
Darien CT Public Schools, Music teachers in-service workshop
Bellport Youth Orchestra, Bellport NY