Donald Sosin and Joanna Seaton

Music for silent films
Keyboard, voice, percussion and more!

The King of Kings — Directed by Cecil B. DeMille

Review by DVD Verdict

“On the other hand, the soundtracks offered on both versions run the gamut from good to fantastic. On the 1928 release, there are two options: one features the original score by Hugo Riesenfeld and a very moody and ambient modern score by organist Timothy Tikker.

While the orchestrated version by Riesenfeld is fine, it does suffer a little from the technical limitations of early 20th century recording techniques. Tikker’s amazing organ soundtrack nearly salvages the 112-minute movie. Equally dark and dreamy, foreboding and celebratory, this is one of the better single instrument soundtracks ever created.

“However, the best musical accompaniment for The King of Kings comes on the 1927 version. Written by composer Donald Sosin and perfectly capturing the emotion of each scene, this amazing, ambitious soundscape completely complements the emotions and the action onscreen. With all the modern music presented in pristine Dolby Digital Stereo and the older material reconfigured to substantially clean up the flat and tinny qualities, the aural attributes of this DVD package are incredible.”

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