Donald Sosin and Joanna Seaton

Music for silent films
Keyboard, voice, percussion and more!

Press and Interviews

  • "All Mixed Up" with Peter Bochan

    Interview with Donald Sosin

  • Originally aired live on WBAI radio in New York City, November 25, 2006. 14-minute segment of a 2-hour show, beginning at 1:30 >more

  • Harold Lloyd Collection, Volume 2

    Review by Mark Zimmer

  • A solid set of ten short comedies, with some of the great thrill work that made Lloyd a household name. Donald Sosin's score is first rate. >more

  • KING OF KINGS Criterion DVD is Marvelous!

    Review by E. Hunter Hale

  • Having just seen an advance copy of the two disc DVD set of Criterions release for Cecil B. DeMille's 1927 THE KING OF KINGS, I can tell you that you don't know just how great this film is until you have seen the uncut 155-minute roadshow version as first shown at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in LA and the Gaiety Theatre in New York. >more

  • Spies ? Directed by Fritz Lang

    Review by Barbara Burkowsky Manly, NSW Australia

  • "Spies" must surely rate as one of Fritz Lang's best films, and this brilliant KINO video DVD clearly shows why. >more

  • Donald Sosin ? The Enjoyment of an Unmistakeable Style

    From Il Gazzettino, Pordenone, Italy

  • Out of all the pianists who come to accompany various films at the Zancanaro Theater, Sosin, in fact, is always distinguished for his particular sympathy and his humor. >more

  • Playing Silent Movie Music

    Interview with Donald Sosin

  • "When I'm playing at sight I go on my gut feelings. I often am able to intuitively play music appropriate to the coming scene even though I have no idea consciously what is going to happen..." >more

  • Thoughts on Silent Film Music

    Interview with Donald Sosin

  • "Ironically, I am often looking for ways to make the film accompaniment more silent, so that the disappearance of music would be perceived as an integral part of the film, and not something forced upon the listener." >more

  • Modern Times, Live Performance, and Film Scoring

    Film score composer Timothy Brock on Charlie Chaplin's scores

  • "The original orchestrated scores, when laid out flat, were about a half a meter in height, about two-thirds of which made it to the film. Yet there were about eight minutes of music completely gone, missing on paper. So I had to take dictation from the 1935 recording." >more

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